Obamacare Showdown in Virgina

Lets get ready to rumble as an appeals court has questioned whether the state of Virginia could challenge President Barack Obama healthcare law, which requires Americans to buy insurance. They will be calling in the big guns as the Obama administration is trying to save the individual mandate. It was not long ago a Virginia federal judge agreed with the state it was unconstitutional and struck down that part of the law. The measure is set to go into action 2014. We gave kudos to Virginia for passing a law barring the federal government from making its citizens buy insurance and sued to strike down the federal law. The three-judge panel of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals are now trying to decide whether states could pass a law to buck a federal mandate. The hiccup here is a state could challenge any federal statute in court as long as the state passed a law. The fix could be in as all three judges hearing the case were appointed by Democrats, including two by President Obama himself. This could be the verdict that opens the floodgates to states challenging all sorts of laws. Virginia is using the fact that the healthcare law threatened its sovereignty and that the state legislation was an attempt to protect its citizens. This is going to be one to keep your eyes on.

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