CNN keeps home safe

When media bias rears its ugly head. When it happens on CNN they never get called out on it. When it happens because you are covering up your own there really cannot be blamed. When CNN needed to jump all over Maria Shriver running out on the governator, the ran a story about political scandals. They neglected to mention one but in fairness they did have some big ones. They showed images of the king of all politician sexcapades including John F. Kennedy. We kind of think of JFK as a king of all-time. Number two is President Clinton as this one we may never had know if not for Linda Tripp and we have been surprised there has not been more. Number three for us is John Edwards, he actually had a love child he hid and left his cancer ridden wife. Number four is Mark Sanford, first of all he went AWOL on state for a tart. We just added 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich for saying he was so busy politics and doing the countries business he needed to cheat on his wife. This brings us to the man who spent $5,000 for prostitutes as the infamous Client #9, Eliot Spitzer. We are pretty sure he was not mentioned because he works for CNN now but we wanted to make sure we did not let you forget. Since CNN did not want to put Spitzer in the arena with other skirt chasing married men we have no problem, plus we can run the photo of Ashley Dupre.

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