DNC 12.4 RNC 6.1 – Ugh

It has become hard to open the web and see day after day of bad news. We thought the tide was turning but it looks like there are more stormy clouds ahead. The Democratic National Committee rose about twice as much money as its Republican Party during the first month of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. The bad news is it looks like the president’s fundraising machine has not lost a step and will continue to steam roll on to the 2012 election. The DNC collected $12.4 million in April, more than double the $6.1 million raised by the Republican National Committee during the same month. This is a little skew as the Obama campaign has held several joint fundraisers with the DNC. RNC chairman Reince Priebus has been working to reduce the party’s massive debt estimated at $24 million. Through April, the DNC reported $14.8 million in cash on hand, compared with $5 million for the RNC. The DNC had $15.4 million in debt compared with $18.9 million in debt for the RNC. The money being collected by individual candidates are not reflected in the RNC numbers. Democratic fundraising includes about $7 million from the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising account by the DNC and Obama’s campaign. If you have not heard about these Victory Fund events, the first $5,000 on a donor’s contribution goes to the presidential campaign and the remainder goes to the DNC, up to a maximum of $30,800 a year. We reported the first round of the tour the president made us pay for as he headlined fundraisers in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. This is bad news and when it comes to a national election the RNC better have learned from 2008 to be more social and relentless.

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