Nemours Mansion & Gardens

Have you heard about Nemours Mansion & Gardens in Delaware. The place is set among the 300-acre country estate of the late industrialist and philanthropist Alfred I. DuPont. You have got to see this place if you are in the neighborhood or stopping through. The mansion contains 102 rooms furnished with fine examples of antique furniture, rare rugs, tapestries and outstanding works of art. The mansion and gardens are open for tours from May 1 to November 30 and as always reservations recommended. There are a variety of surfaces and levels in the gardens and grounds. The tour also involves climbing several staircases. Tours last two and a half to three hours and require a $15 per person payment as well as punctuality is a must for any appointment. There is one drawback that there is no picnic allowed on the facilities of the Nemours Mansion and Gardens. There are two elk at the top of the Vista are the work of Prosper Lecourtier, a specialist in animal figures. There are 157 jets at the center of the one acre pool. But when they are turned off as you walk your reflection can be seen in the pool. This is one to take in as you will remember your visit for years to come.

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