President Obama toys with 2nd Amendment

If you did not think we are listening and lulled into summer splendor you are wrong Mr. President. It turns out the Obama administration is talking gun control behind the scenes. Since he has taken office gun control has been on the back burner and no one really thought it was off the table. Since it is time to get donations the gun rights groups are slowly starting to squeeze the trigger on tighter regulation. After the shooting of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords, President Obama made a public call for tougher background checks. The Justice Department launched a series of meetings with officials and advocates to examine gun control policy. The result is the administration has floated new proposals. This included President Obama reportedly made in a private meeting with gun control advocates. There are two proposals in the air if not already on paper one rule is four Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas dealers would be required to report multiple sales to the same person of certain kinds of rifles. The change would help the ATF deal with Mexico’s gunrunners. The other is the criteria for restricting the importation of certain shotguns. The current law that restricts gun imports but exempts firearms used for sporting. The idea is to flag shotguns with folding stocks, magazines over five rounds and light enhancing devices. We must fight for the second amendment as we all know like smoking is starts with a separation and 10 years later you cannot even smoke in a park.

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