President Obama shakedown

The shakedown is on and your better bring your wallet. You also better make sure it is full. That is the word out as President Obama’s top fund-raisers sent a battle cry at their meeting in Chicago. The rumor is that Obama campaign manager Jim Messina was telling all they needed to raise $60 million for the Obama 2012 re-elect and the Democratic Party by the end of June. The $60 million June 30 second quarter goal was laid out in a power point presentation to members of the Obama 2012/Democratic National Committee National Finance Committee. The marching order have been given and the people who use their extensive personal networks to convince others to make campaign donations were all marching lock in step at the Hyatt Regency. The surprise was that Messina said the goal was to go north of $750 million for the 2012 re-election campaign. We thought for sure they would want to jump the billion dollar hurdle and that would be the message and goal. It is just another time when President Obama will be alright with aiming short of being great. We have become used to these kinds of demonstrations and it is nice to see he uses the same methods when it comes to things that matter most as well. President Obama and First Lady Michelle will hit the fund-raising trail again this month in a quest to raise big money as Mrs. Obama headlines fundraisers in California and the Bay Area on June 13. President Obama will be serving rubber chicken and pulling on pocketbooks on June 13 in Miami; June 20 in Washington, June 23 in New York City, and June 30 in Philadelphia.

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