Homeland Security Budget cut 3%

It is good to be the king and the GOP-controlled House waved their hand saying make it so. They passed a $42.3 billion budget for the government’s homeland security. Once again it came with spending cuts. The vote passed 231-188 the only GOP loss was a failed effort to add money to a variety of border security initiatives. This is the first of the twelve annual spending bills funding the day-to-day operations of federal agencies for the budget year beginning Oct. 1. The good news it is a sign of things to come now that there is a GOP house approving budgets. They paired of a $1.1 billion, a three percent cut. We cannot wait to see deeper cuts promised this summer on things like health research, student aid, food aid for low-income pregnant women and energy efficiency programs. The GOP is focused on cutting the handouts that cannot be tracked so in the cae of homeland security the cuts were on port and transit security grants, awards for high-risk cities, and grants to local fire departments to help them with salaries and equipment purchases. The roll back trade off was a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers restored $320 million in cuts to grants for fire departments by a sweeping 333-87 vote, by imposing an cut on the agency’s bureaucratic operations. This is a good start and we are sure it that the spin you will hear as the summer rolls on but we are $1.1 billion ahead and really more than likely $2.2 billion because we assume they wanted a budget increase as well.

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