Congress robs Peter pays Paul

It is the classic one step forward two steps back. Congress this time works against each other in different houses. The Senate refused to kill a $5 billion annual subsidy for ethanol, backing continued government aid for a Farm Belt-based industry instead deficit reduction. The 40-59 vote, far short of the 60 needed to advance the measure. While at the same time the House continued their budget-slashing ways and began a debate on a food and farm bill. The measure cuts aid for low-income pregnant women and their children and slashes a key overseas food aid program by about one-third below this year’s funding. The budget is forcing cuts to previously protected programs like the food program for women, infants and children. The WIC program would absorb an $868 million cut of 13 percent from current spending. So is this the way the summer is going to be the house cuts and the senate spends. Everybody has got to be on board if thing is going to work and it looks like from here the House is dealing in reality while the senate is still living a fairy tale that everything is going to work itself out. We know this not the case and it is a good thing the House holds the purse strings so they can make deeper cuts knowing the senate does not have the will to say no.

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