Wasserman Schultz is like a female Biden

Somedays you wake up and it like a present has been left at your door. The democrats left a gift for the anti-democrat media, as we watch the performance of the new Democratic Party chairwoman Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She has the job of carrying the president’s message, good luck to her as it has been three years and we still do not know what he stands for. We have seen her smarts already on display when she said if it was up to the Republican candidates we would all drive foreign cars. Then it runs out she drives a foreign car herself. Democratic Party chairwoman Wasserman Schultz never weighed in on Weinergate until it was clear the momentum was going against him. She is so not ready for prime time. When you think of Wasserman Schultz and Biden as your top cheerleaders President Obama may spend more time pulling their feet of their mouths. We think there are two reasons to choose her the first is she is a prominent spokeswoman with a base in Florida, a state that will be critical in 2012. She is also Jewish and President Obama already has already shown signs he might in the end he could spend an unfiltered second terms very anti-Israel.

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