President Obama teambuilding

The early word at a big weekend meeting for Netroots is there are a lot of frustrated liberals. It sounds like these Democrats think that President Barack Obama and this strained political relationship as he seeks re-election. It would be great if they just did not vote for him this time. They are all up in arms saying the god of hope and change was supposed to be a fierce advocate for liberal causes. The white house is trying to spin like everything else that it is not his fault. When is it ever. The funny thing is these people see him as being too willing to compromise with Republicans on such issues as dropping the proposed public option for the health insurance overhaul and extending George W. Bush-era tax cuts, embraced big business, unimpressed by Wall Street regulation changes. The catch phrases thrown around say it all and just how much they thought this guy was the next great leader and waking up to the reality that he was all smoke and mirrors and way out of his league. One panel at the conference was called: “What to Do When Your President Is Just Not That Into You” and another “The ‘president isn’t our boyfriend anymore’ panel.” We can add another couple to the conference. “You were all fooled and you are too stupid to realize it” and “He is not that guy you thought he was now get over it”

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