President Obama takes back his Twitter

If you have had enough of the social media president from 2008, he is coming harder in 2012. It turns out that President Barack Obama has taken back the reigns of his twitter account. The campaign posted that President Obama will tweet regularly from Twitter moving forward and his personal tweets will be signed BO. There are more than 8.69 million followers on Twitter, making him the third most-followed account among Twitter users, behind Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. The photo changed as well as the logo for his 2012 campaign has been added. We know that the lame streamers are going to say he will be interactive with followers but we see this as no more than another place for the president to seek contributions or asking them to volunteer for his campaign. Does anyone really think he is going to tweet anything worth reading or reply to any comment from supporters. We also feel that he will get more negative tweets in response to anything he does shout out. It is a new way to instantly send the president a message when he says things that are wrong out double speak he can be held accountable on the spot 140 characters at a time.

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