President Obama moves war machine east

The President flexes his defensive muscle again. Every time he does this it seems it is a country you did not see coming. If you do not remember we have Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, and Yemen. So our president needed to flex a little more muscle to the chagrin of the of the doves in congress. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S. is committed to the defense of the Philippines and providing it with affordable weaponry amid mounting tensions in the South China Sea. There was no speaking of if the U.S. would provide military assistance in the event of an attack on Philippine forces by China. This is a sticky area as Vietnam has also had two recent incidents in the South China Sea. This area is going to be an issue moving forward as these resource-rich waters is tied to Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan. President Obama was heard loud and clear as China has urged the United States not to get involved, and says the disputes should be resolved through bilateral negotiations. This is not news to the U.S. as in the past two years there have been treaties with allies such as the Philippines. This will come to head next week when the U.S. holds naval training exercises starting June 28 in the Philippines in the middle of this hot bed situation.

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