Rick Perry testing waters 4 sure

We have been begging for someone to get in the race for the Republican side besides a retread and women for the sake of having a women. Next up there could be hope in the form of Texas Govorner Rick Perry. We watched as he jumped on the Washington leadership while in a California> Perry is a classic limited government, states’ rights and low taxes. The Republican governor held a string of private meetings and events with members of Congress, conservative activists, CEOs and potential fundraisers. We think that Rick Perry is primed and ready to make a run at the White House based on this travel schedule and the need to attack Washington along the way. When Rick Perry spoke in Beverly Hills, he focused on states’ rights and limiting the reach of Washington power. He pumped the crowd with how Washington is out of touch and there is need to change. Rick Perry understands that there is a need to add more Hispanics into to the Republican Party to even the vote. Then jumped into the biggest issue he said Washington needs to before and creating jobs. Rick Perry did not disclose any decision on his possible candidacy but this was his second trip to the nation’s most populous state in less than three weeks.

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