House Shakedown Week Cancelled

Here you are thinking it is summer and your no account politicians are living the high life. Under normal circumstances these are the times to get back to the districts, hold a BBQ, walk a town parade, and visit local groups. These politicians spend their summer putting their hand out to shake the hand of anybody they can touch and receive a donation. But every once and a while you have to be part of a team so that it what we have here as House Republican leaders say they are cancelling a mid-July week off as the deadline approaches for the White House and Congress to reach an agreement on extending the debt limit. The bad news rolled out as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor put lawmakers on notice that the House will be in session from Tuesday, July 19 through Friday, July 22. We had always called that the shakedown week but the congressional calendar calls it constituent week. This is the first sign that something is going to happen and a deal is going to get done. The docket reads that during the week the House will consider a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. The idea is to stay in session to debate deficit reduction and efforts to extend the debt ceiling by the Aug. 2 deadline set by the Treasury Department.

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