McConnell has a plan but not a good one

We knew the debt battle this week was going to be epic. We are sure by the end of the week sides will be drawn. We are ready for the lame streamers to break put the evil Right wing Tea Party trying to ruin the nation. We were a little perplexed over Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell contingency plan for a debt limit increase, to give President Obama new power for automatic debt limit increase. This would means the aggressive debt limit proposal from the right. It seems like a lose –lose as in if there is a problem, Republicans and not President Obama would be on the hook for it. We understand McConnell just wanted to give the president the ability to raise the debt ceiling through 2012, using three separate increments, at the same time the President must propose spending cuts larger than each request. We think the proposal is sound and it is almost like when in football it is fourth and five on the opponent 36 yard line. It is easier and a safer bet to punt than attempt a 53 yard field goal or try to convert a fourth down. Just punt and pin your opponent deep and try to change field position. The hope is the landscape changes in 2012 and the outcome is more favorable. The problem is nothing is certain and if you punt and President Obama picks up the ball and scores changes filed position into his favor or scores a touchdown. The game is over and the next four years the Republicans could be floundering around like a college dropout forced to move home and live under their perants rules.

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