Truth about debt and balanced budgets

We are just a little confused on why the Republicans are the bad guys here. We understand the mean old Republicans is the mantra used forever, they are for millionaires, business and big oil. We get that lame streamers want to use this to turn working class against them. What we do not understand is how the independents can fall for it. This President has had complete control of three branched of government for the first two years and still has majority in two. The policies that President Obama wants, tried, put forth, have all failed. We are basing this on unemployment numbers, debt, taxes, and general perception of our economy. When are we going to try something new, we are not the President keeps rolling out proposals that change things 40 years from now, that is not good enough? We hear how President Clinton balanced the budget and President Bush destroyed it. The bottom line is it is all relative and the country has a 14 trillion dollar debt so explain how you can have a balanced budget when you owe 14 trillion dollars. Please do not bore me with how the money coming in covered what we spent, did it cover the interest on the debt and did it pay down the debt at all it did not. If the country was run like a middle class household they would have been foreclosed on, everyone please wake up.

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