Friday Night Lights turns out lights

Friday Night Lights has turned off the lights after five seasons, and one of the best shows no one talks about is going away. We have hardly found scripted television that we are truly sad when the episode ends and you cannot wait for the next week. Friday night Lights was one of those shows. Everyone goes that has gone to high school knows that football players and cheerleaders are huge stars. The thing about FNL was you had seen that all that admiration is so in toxic people can never recover. The whole town supports the team and puts the players on a pedestal telling them they are great. Over the five year run we see this high school success does not translate into later success. The players are great as a team but when they graduate they are only getting offers from small third tier colleges. The only player over the run of the show to go to big time was Smash Williams playing for Texas A&M. the rest are left to find their own way, they all walk around town with a championship ring from state and use that as a way to stay a hero for ever. It was a great show, with a great run and will be truly missed. Clear Hearts, Full Eyes, Can’t Lose..Texas Forever.

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