GOP hold that line it is a must

When it comes to towing the line you have got to give some credit to House Speaker John Boehner. He cannot make either side happy as the left paints him as roadblock and the right an easy mark. He has tried to stand the line as he says House Republicans are willing to compromise on a budget deal to increase the government’s ability to borrow. He has kept that stance pretty much all summer as the same time making sure to be clear any package does not include tax increases. Everyone should know that the House Republicans want to find accommodation with Democrats on the budget package. Every package comes with condition like the on passed by the House that would raise the debt ceiling only after Congress passes a balanced budget constitutional amendment. This will go the Senate on Thursday and pretty much has bipartisan support. The big question is whether House Republicans would refuse to compromise on the package. We think that the only way this flies is with compromise we just hope they keep the line in the sand on tax increases. The last thing a country in a recession could afford is taxing either the citizens who are not making enough or getting squeezed at every turn, or on any size business as we need more jobs creating and higher taxes never translate into jobs.

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