Swift Boat Star Maker did not have a Star

Here is another story you have to dig deep for and do not expect the lame stream media to report. It is not the story about Representative David Wu, from Oregon as we noticed the democratic label disappeared from his name. Today we go way back to the election of President Bush over John Kerry. The big thing was democrats trying to prove they could be tough on terrorism. They touted John Kerry as not only a veteran but a war hero. It is reported that the Vietnam veteran Wade R. Sanders who defended John Kerry against “Swift Boat” attacks in the 2004 presidential race has been stripped of his Silver Star by the Navy. Military officials revoked the star in 2010 after Navy investigators looked into his record and found administrative errors surrounding how the award was created. It turns out Sanders was responsible for those administrative errors and may have lied. We do think as the bloggers pick up the story you will hear more about it. The truth is you would never have heard about it if he was not arrested on other charges which forced the Navy to investigate. Service for your country is a great honor and even though it is still unclear exactly what the justification was for the Silver Star in 1992, for what was called gallantry in action. Sanders is a hero and has been awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. This is more about how the lame stream so in the tank for Kerry would never bring this to light.

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