Healthcare 20% in 2020

Remember during the healthcare debate the democrats said they were going to stop over 400 billion in fraud and waste. When are they going to start catching that? We hope they can do it in the next ten years because the nation’s health care tab is on track to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020. That number is so high the math does not even make sense as including government and private money, health care spending in 2020 will average $13,710 for every heart beat in the US. This is put in prospective when you look at health care spending this year projected at around $2.7 trillion, which is a $8,650 per heart beat. This money is spent on the sickest of people needing the most expensive equipment and specialist doctors. This still means that in 2020, one in every five dollars in our economy will be used on healthcare. This information was produced by the Medicare economists and a statistician is proof that costs are not only not slowing down but increasing at an alarming rate. The good news is the 30 million people being added through Obamacare seem to have little effect during the first six years of the plan. The rubber meets the road at the hospital and that is where huge costs are being generated. The last fact of interest was US health care spending per person in 2008 was more than double the median for other leading economies. The survival rates for some cancers were higher in the US, the report found that quality of care overall was not markedly better.

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