Airlines Take advantage

Do you want to know who is not donating enough money to President Campaign, follow the gripping. The Democrats ratcheted up the pressure on airlines to give back the windfall they have reaped by raising fares during the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration. The Senators sent letters to airline CEOs and other industry officials asking them to roll back fare increases. They collect $30 million a day in federal ticket taxes, when that expired last week, within 24-hours, most major airlines had raised their fares in amounts roughly equal to the taxes passengers were no longer being charged. We believe that since only democrats worried about this the airlines are not giving up enough money to the Democratic Party. We would love to the donation sheet from the major airlines because we suspect they do not give much away. The senators promised at least at this time they would not try to recoup the lost revenue through retroactive taxes. This is nothing new as the airlines also raised fares during similar tax stoppage in 1996 and 1997. They were never returned their extra profit that time either. This is a little sketchy at best as airline have the right to set their own prices based on the free market and current high fuel prices, but when every major airline increases its rates in such a short period of time seems like a collective effort .

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