Debt Deal is passed

The Senate made it official as the clocked winded down on the default, Congress and the White House on Tuesday gave final approval to a $2.4 trillion debt extension that keeps government borrowing and spending on track. The 74 page bill will be remembered for a long time as it redefines the debt-increase debate forever. It will be a show to see as the next step as congress must constitute the 12-member super committee that will recommend $1.5 trillion in deeper savings by the end of this year. This will be an interesting mix and we feel the members who pushed this legislation through are going to be the one cherry picked for the assignment. The final tally was a 74-26 vote in the Senate, which followed the day before a 269-161 approval in the House. Meant the only thing left was President Obama to sign and take credit as well as complain he did not get enough. Someday this President will write a plan on his own and submit to congress for approval more than likely in his second term when it will not mean he is tied to something costing him a reelection. Take heart your government works the fight, they lie, the trick, but in the end they do get it done. The only question that remains is are the American people better off for it?

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