Dow drops Tea512

It is very rare that we talk about the markets because other buying and selling stocks, mostly buying, we do not claim to know anything. Today we talk Dow Jones as stocks plunged sharply and the dow finished down 512 points. Being that this is the Tea512 we thought the worst day since December of 2008, we needed to call attention to the number itself. The talking heads were say that all three major averages dropped into negative territory for the year as investors were reacted to the intensifying global economic slowdown and ahead of the widely-followed monthly unemployment report. This means that the major indexes are firmly in negative territory for the year. This is also being called correction territory, defined by a drop of 10 percent. The experts or so called saying this has nothing to do with us but more the tension from Europe. There seems to be a run on the banks which is starting to be a concern and sending a scare through the world markets. We hate to bring attention to these facts but the drop of 512 was noticed by Tea512 and if we had to lose a bundle of money in the stock market, 401K, and IRA at least we were able to get a post out of it.

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