S&P needs an IRS audit

Standard and Poors whacks the US government, they have a lot of balls. There would not even be a Standard and Poor if it was not for the US. They downgraded the US from a triple AAA rating to a double A plus but it put the US in a negative status meaning they could drop it again. The bottom line is Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner should have been ahead of this and must fall on the sword. President Obama has now become a long shot for winning reelection because the country will never forgive him for this one. He could capture every terrorist on the planet but when all your credit cards raise their rates that hits American below the belts. Who is to blame, start at the top as there is plenty to go around. President Obama, congress, the cabinet and really S&P, ewhile everyone was afraid of Moody’s. In 1941, Poor and Standard Statistics merged to become Standard & Poor’s Corp. In 1966, the company was acquired by The McGraw-Hill Companies, and now encompasses the Financial Services division. This is a power play by the S&P top gain recognition over Moody’s and the US has become a pawn in a deadly economic game. The first move President Obama should do is call the IRS to audit everything including top executives at S&P and brings out the hammer. It is simple logic that if the US is not a triple A S&P and all other financial holding in the US are downgraded as well. President Obama must act fast and swift.

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