President Obama never to blame

When will this President ever take blame. For the life of the run to the white House and all the way since, we have heard it as President Bush at fault. When the economy goes in the tank and the Standard & Poor ruling cut our credit rating it is because of the Tea Party. When will the American Obama zombies walk up and see the emperor has no clothes. We would just like for once the guy to take a little blame we are not saying he needs to admit he killed the economy with the stimulus and that shovel ready jobs do not create work for businesses. We do not him expect to take blame for rising healthcare cost because of the healthcare plan he rammed through congress. We cannot expect all this high level meeting with economists to ever change the way the economy is going. What is really getting to us today is the way he can never even talk about it being bad. For months we heard the stock market is a key sign the recession is over, then it feel through the floor so we cannot talk about that anymore. There was once a president who said the buck stops here. He meant congress would not be allowed to just spend; this president has never stopped anything or has shown the toughness to get anything corrected.

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