President Obama needs a vacation

We know this will not surprise you but, President Obama is still planning to vacation with his family this month on Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts. You would think he might try to stay in Washington since we are dealing with our first in history downgrade in credit rating. Well it is summer time so everyone a little time off with thier family, even in the midst of an economic downturn. Wait for it here it comes it is going to be a working vacation. You know like the one when the oil was spilling in the gulf he could not break himself away. In all fairness we believe there is no such thing as a presidential vacation. Those being said come August 18 if you check the oval office it will say gone fishing. The president is slated to return to Washington by Aug. 28, the day he is scheduled to deliver remarks at the dedication at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. This is not a new location as well as he has been to Martha’s Vineyard the past two Augusts for vacations. Those of course were not times like these and his approval rating was much higher. If there is not enough do nothing democrats in Massachusetts already what can one more hurt.

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