President Obama has a plan

Here is a great idea if you think everything is going south, plan a vacation to get away. If you think everyone thinks you are a big fail give them a nugget before you go. The last piece is to dangle a carrot for them to talk about while you are away. Did you think this was a CEO, a mayor or governor, your boss, none of the above, it is President Barack Obama. He is about to leave on ten day vacation it does not matter the economy is in the tank. So before he leaves on vacation he tells everyone when he gets back he will announce a broad package of tax cuts, construction work and help for the millions of Americans who have been unemployed for months. Why he has waited for this plan is weird because there might be no plan, or he is writing as his rest and relaxes on the islands. President Obama will unveil his economic strategy in a speech right after Labor Day. He did give us a nugget and the idea that he will want it to happen he will challenge the new super committee in Congress to go well beyond its goal of finding $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction. So the nugget he did not have after all, there is no plan and once again he will aks someone else to make one. Filed under gone fishing.

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