President Obama bothers us

Why does this president bother us so much? We cannot take it and everyday that we think if it was a Republican we would not be upset. The truth is this President bothers us so because he is just rubbing our face in it every day. We did not like President Clinton or President Carter but everything they did was not a huge slap in the face the way President Obama has. Another perfect example is how they even go on vacation. Did you know his family left for the islands on different planes? This would not be a big deal except the first lady and kids went on a special plane from DC right to the islands. Four hours later the president left arriving on Cape Cod and connecting flight to the islands. The problem is they both left from the White House. Why did they not travel together, why could the whole family not have waited? Why when most American cannot afford a vacation does this first family create more expense for the taxpayers to pay for? This is the reason this president bothers us so much, he does not have a plan, he makes congress do his dirty work, and he spends our money like he has no regard for where it comes from. Mr. President that money is from taxes collected from those Americans that still have jobs and it would be nice if you could pitch in and cut corners yourself.

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