Logan Airport Reacts 10 years too late

When you look to the government for protection you need to be careful. When there is overlap in agencies you need to be worries. When the right hand does not know what the left is doing you get 9/11. This was why the Department of Homeland Security was created. The idea is to have one clearing house for all information so the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon are all together. The 9/11 attacks originated out of Logan International this is where two fo the four plane left from and tactically it made sense. This is an International airport it has non-stops to California so the planes need 3000 miles of jet fuel. Since Manhattan is only 250 miles away it made the most sense. This does not mean Logan does not need to understand that threat moving forward even if they did not see it coming. So they have reacted ten years later to create the first airport-based Joint Terrorism Task Force in the nation. There are 27.4 million passengers per year that pass through Logan Airport so this is a move that is welcomed even if it was ten years in the making. The new Joint Terrorism Task Force allows Massport, the FBI, the TSA, and others to share information more efficiently, we are wondering if this really ever works.

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