Sons of Anarchy Season Three returns

This is a great week for FX even if it is bittersweet. We have the end of Rescue Me after seven seasons on Wednesday but before that the return of SOA. The boys of Charming return from prison and on to the screen as Sons of Anarchy makes a return for season three. This season will see how the bike club will recover from double crossing the IRA and getting into bed with Russians. Where is the relationship going between Jakes and the doctor? They are coming back to town after a fourteen month bid for violating parole. The state of the local police was in question and have they drawn attention of federal authorities now that their reach has gone across the pond to another continent. This might be the best show on television for the crew at Tea512 as it seems to be the one we look forward to the most. We have seen a lot of our favorites disappear as 2011 sees the end of Friday Night Lights, Rescue Me and Lie To Me. The good news is we get a full season of SOA and you had better hold on tight because it always bumpy ride. The best thing about Sons is the as the show plot develops you think you understand where it is going but they always have a secret you do not see coming. There are always twists and turns that make you stay on the edge of your seat. Welcome back to Charming.

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