Rescue Me Finale

The end of Rescue Me went out with more of a fizzle than a bang. The best part of the show was you never knew when Tommy was in real time or in his mind. Everyone knows that inside that mind is a deep dark place. When you match up a series final against others the Rescue Me finale will go down as the series was headed to an end with about four weeks to go. The bottom line is the finale is what is remembered and as the second to last show ended we did not know anyone’s fate. The show started with a funeral for five firefighters and the lieutenant giving a rousing eulogy. This was in Tommy’s mind as we find the reserve is true the Lieutenant is died and the firehouse is wounded but still together. Tommy struggles with all this and needs to retire as the weight of everything is crashing down on him. The relationship between everyone Tommy deals with changes as he struggles with his choice to move on. Watching Tommy tries to adapt to a life without work and being there for his family. There is a famous final scene

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