President Obama fall short

President Obama is once again late to the party, saying nothing new, and a plan that needs magic in order to work. It is hard to believe his base can still see him as anything more than an empty suit. The idea that he waited to give this speech made sure it was after a GOP debate and supposedly worked on it for weeks, leaves it not only lacking imagination but substance. Just because you yell from the teleprompter at congress to pass this bill at least 12-14 times does not mean they should. The speech was fine they always are, the speech was right as these thing can be done, the speech was once again missing something. He did not say how to do it or how it was going to be paid for. We know he said he is going to have super committee make extra cuts. This may work with the Obama zombies and the lame stream media but we watched over the summer as they tried to cut and fell so short the Standard and Poor dropped the US triple A rating. The bottom line is once again this guy gave us nothing and expects everyone to follow a hollow plan. This is nothing new but to say that this was even a plan and scream pass this bill is another testament to how this President Obama experience was a huge failure and will take years to recover from.

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