GOP in California eyes Reagan

We watched and hoped two years ago in California that the GOP could prevail. So in a reduex we are hoping better result. If you remember during that California GOP fall convention, they were confident that they could drum up the support to beat three-term incumbent Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer. Flash forward to this year, as 1,000 GOP activists gather for their fall convention the big question is who is going to take on 19-year-incumbent Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein next year, since no major candidates have stepped up. Just like Boxer it seems like Feinstein is beatable as she has had recent campaign money problems and a 41 percent approval rating is the lowest of her Senate career. The word on the street is that Michael Reagan, a former conservative talk-radio host and the son of former President Ronald Reagan could be ready to jump in the ring. We will admit beating Feinstein will be harder than Boxer because 41 percent approval is still pretty high it is just the lowest since 1992 when she first won the seat. We know that with all the money President Obama is bringing in plenty will filter to California and the senate is a huge battleground so losing any seats is more than likely going to be high on the radar to stop.

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