$535M does not get much anymore

You never guess what you get for your money. Not only do you get no service and a failed business plan. Then you get a cold shoulder for asking why. If Solyndra was an ex-girlfriend you would expect it. Maybe even if it was your brother in law because even though it is family it is not your blood family. This is how taxpayers are being played as the Solyndra attorney told US officials to pound sand. They do not want to identify the company’s customers or talk about its contracts. When pressed as to the reason why, wait for it you are going to love this one, the topic would likely be the subject of investigation and possibly litigation. This sent new allegations that Solyndra is refusing to cooperate in bankruptcy proceedings. Which we expected after two of the top Solyndra executives declined to answer questions from Congress the other day invoking their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Solyndra was awarded a $535 million federal loan as part of President Obama’s program to help spur growth in emerging forms of alternative energy. This is making this administration look foolish because of the oversight or lack thereof in handing out money. This is going to be ugly when they get their hands on those books and reveal what should have been vetted.

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