Palin is out for 2012

It has been a great run for Mitt Romney over last couple of weeks and the hits just keep on coming. This was compounded when Sarah Palin pledged to stay an active part of the political discussion as she announced she will not be making a 2012 White House run. She announced on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News show and you probably could hear Mitt Romney and Rick Perry dancing around their hotel rooms like little girls at a pajama party. Palin feels that she can do more good as the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee will get behind the nominee and make sure that Barack Obama is replaced. She still can draw large crowds and claim six-figure speaking fees, but the polls have shown two-thirds of Republicans did not want her to run anyway. We think the choice was wise and it does not mean 2016 or 2020. We also have a chance to see her as a vice presidential candidate as we are sure that door has not been closed. We think she will be mentioned by the lame streamers when that day comes. Speaking of lame streamers they have been trying to highjack the GOP process for two years and today the pimping of Palin needs to end. Here comes the touting of Ron Paul as they need a candidate they know their guy Barack can beat.

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