Herman Cain agianst what they have said

Just a casual observation as Godfather pizza owner Herman Cain has jumped into the mix. Lame stream media have made Perry an overnight sensation before he even entered. Why did it take so long for them to mention Herman Cain. Do you think it is because they are scared to tout a candidate like Cain for the GOP? Let us face the fact the lame stream has been planting stories that the GOP is a racist party that does not care about anyone but rich old white guys. They have spent years, decades even portraying this mage and Herman Cain blasts the biggest whole in the realm of that notion. Cain is a straight talker and he has shown that he is a true conservative. We love when you look at this on the merit of national media trying to pigeon hole an entire political system as we let it happen. There is so many times we find fault with the lame stream media we try pt point these things out but they are left to get away with painting this image of the GOP. This battle will continue and there is no much this humble space can do to change it. We only want to make you aware as it is not only what the lame stream media reports but it is what they do not report.

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