GOP has a plan for USA

We love the new approach the GOP has creating jobs it seems more realistic than President Obama plan the democrats do not even like. Remember he jeered pass this bill as everyone waited and it never moved. The GOP has something called Jobs through Growth Act which is a little of this and lot of that. They are looking for tax reform and cuts. They include steps to require balanced budget repeal Obamacare, lift prohibitions on offshore energy exploration and promote U.S. trade. This was a shot across the bow of the White House he kept saying the GOP says no but they have no plan. We wonder if this has the support of Senate 47 Republicans. When it comes to noise Democratic Senator Charles Schumer jumped first calling this a political fig leaf that would likely add to the deficit while doing nothing to create jobs.The bill was unveiled two days after Republicans used a procedural move in the Senate to block Obama’s $447 billion jobs package. The next step for President Obama and Senate Democrats is to bring up parts of his bill for individual votes, likely beginning next month. This is going to tricky as it will be framed as let us vote on putting teachers back in the classroom. You do not want to come down on the wrong side of these things with the GOP only one year away from reclaiming the White House

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