Obamacare going down fast

The Obamacare dream is starting to become a nightmare for the White House everyone knew it was a scary proposition but thought they would long gone before the problems arise. The White House appears to be caught not knowing what to say on the fate of a financially troubled long-term care program in the health overhaul law. The CLASS Act, a major new program intended to provide affordable long-term care insurance. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the administration would not proceed with the plan because she has been unable to find a way to make the program financially solvent. No kidding this after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office issued a ruling that cleared the way for repealing the CLASS Act, but the administration rejected that. This case of having your cake and eat it too from the White House. Paying for long-term care for a frail, elderly family member is a major financial dilemma for America’s middle class. Medicare only covers short-term nursing home stays, for patients in rehab. The system right now bleeds Americans dry as to be eligible for Medicaid, people have to spend most of their assets, basically making themselves broke or just lose the money to the system. The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program was supposed to help provide an answer. The problem is long term care is expensive and when you have phony baloney numbers to start you cannot fund this because people‚Äôs lives are at stake. We are trying to not sound like we told you so here but Sarah Palin did say there would be death panels not so far off at this point.

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