President Obama only likes favoritism media for the left

Files under you have got to be kidding me. This week we heard White House chief of staff Bill Daley saying that he knew it may surprise people, some people that there are certain people in the media who do seem at times to carry the water for certain, piece of the political spectrum. Is this guy for real, they have no problem with NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC being a cheerleader for President Obama for the last three plus years? Fox is the problem because during a presser President Obama was asked by Ed Henry of Fox News about something Mitt Romney challenging President Obama’s credentials on foreign policy in the wake of the Iranian assassination plot. President Obama did not like it one bit and responded by saying are you a Romney spokesperson. They have been caught off guard because even though the media leans left they understand one of their own was shown up for asking a simple relevant question. Daley was pressed the next day avoided the question and went on about the economy and the middle class. The bottom line is why would the president respond that way to a reporter? Does he not think President Bush had to answer these questions about what he was saying during the 2008 campaign? We know the lame stream take a lot of abuse on these pages but this time we feel they did the right thing calling their guy out for being no so transparent. This of course at the same time if you read between the lines is very transparent.

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