OccupySan Diego all over

When you think badass police does San Diego come to mind? Well it be said San Diego is the first city with stones to stand up. They sent a legion of officers in riot gear cleared Occupy San Diego protesters out of their unauthorized urban squatters’ camp at Civic Center Plaza. The dismantling of the downtown tent community, deemed an unlawful assembly by the city, began about 2 a.m. and lasted roughly 45 minutes, according to San Diego police. Some of the demonstrators relocated south to Children’s Park. Since that recreation area is closed daily between midnight and 6 a.m., officers cleared it. Participants in the three-week-old rally later reassembled for a solidarity march. This we are hopeful is the road map and the idea is they did not let it turn into more than it should have been. This is why OccupyWallSt and OccupyBoston have been giving legs. We think OccupyBoston is headed for trouble as a nor’easter is bearing down on the state this weekend. That will be the only thing that moves them because it is clear the mayor will not. San Diego just jumped a peg on the best cities to live as if the perfect year round weather was not enough, this is the icing on the cake.

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