OccupyBoston wasting our plow money

Now that we have had our first snowfall the city and towns needed to breakout the sanders and plows. We know it was less than three inches but they were out there anyway. We always like after a couple of good storms the town always start with we have exhausted the budget for snow removal. We wonder how they cannot budget enough but that is part of the farce they use to claim a balanced budget. We cannot wait for Boston to make the claim this year as Mayor Menino has been paying police round the clock to baby sit the OccupyBoston movement. We are sure this was not budgeted and really was hoping for a huge snow fall to hammer the movement. It is just a shame that the rules all play under are not the same as we are sure the movement is doing good things and making people aware. When you come down to it they did not obey the rules the Tea Party was forced to abide by and the taxpayers are fitting the bill as they demonstrate. Every action has a reaction and this is going to be the reaction when the city is crying poor mouth we will look back on why this was allowed to go on this long as taxpayers fit the bill.

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