No occupy for the DNC

A stunning turn as we always believed the occupy movement was funded and created by the left. Then when it not only did not gain support was being laughed at as a movement, the democrats joined in and walked away. We always believed this was to set up anarchy in the streets and create young voters to be energized for the left. The plan and occupy became a waste of every one time and just a nuisance in the end. Turns out the left is trying to get even further away as the occupy Wall Street protesters might crash the Charlotte Democratic National Convention in the summer of 2012. The North Carolina city is not taking any chances, and is already working to pass an ordinance that would make occupying downtown spaces with tents a “public nuisance,” in addition to banning “noxious substances,” padlocks, and other camping equipment. The fact that it would knock out the city’s current overnight demonstrators is an added bonus. It was all when and good when they thought it was going to bring votes but we have seen that riots in the street have nothing to do with the America we live in. The way you protest is to get the work out and vote into office people of like mind. This was the problem with occupy as when you saw anyone step up to a microphone and speak all America saw a spoiled brat.

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