American Idol Season 11 returns

American Idol Season 11 dropped this week and as much as they say fresh it really is the same old thing. The problem is America cannot get enough. The first two nights averaged 18 million people during the first three hours. The first two locations Savanah and Pittsburgh were new lcoations but people travel far and wide for their shot. We have noticed that the amount of bad singers has dropped at least in the beginning. It seemed in years past the over the top performers, the outlandish costumes and bad singers were highlighted more than anyone with talent. This turns out to be opposite were they sent a little more than 70 people to Hollywood with the famous golden ticket and we heard a lot of those auditions. They have added a video blog reel of the upcoming people to audition as they wait in line, make the commute, and film a package. The show is still crisp, sharp, appealing and does not mess with the success. The proof is in the ratings as even a low number of 18 million down from last year is double the finale ratings for the X Factor. You know you have a winner when week one auditions are double the newest thing on your network. This will heat up after the Super Bowl as The Voice returns and giving three nights a week to have never heard from again sing to you might be asking a lot.

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