South Carolina makes it a toss up is this a bad thing

Careful what you wish for might be the new slogan of the GOP. Since we have pulled one victory, Iowa away from Mitt Romney South Carolina was another slap in the face. Maybe it is a wakeup call or a cold dose of reality. Everyone know the problems Mitt is to vanilla but Newt is unlikable. There might be a good argument that no female is going to vote for Newt. When you like as his likable number it is 27% and his dislike number is over 60%. This manes nationwide he does not stand a chance and if he grabs Florida and 99 delegates we could be starring right down the barrel of a broken convention, an un electable candidate and a double digit loss to the current President unleashing four more years or pain and suffering on the working class. It is not all doom and gloom after all it is only South Carolina, we said the same thing after New Hampshire and Iowa, but after three times you would hope for clarity. Maybe a two person race like Hillary and Barack in 2008, but this is turning out to be more of a mess than a success and the stakes could not be higher. Florida will tell a story but hopefully it is a next chapter and not a whole new book.

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