CNN ratings only good when GOP is on

It is clear the lame streamers and lefties want to know how the other half live. The GOP debate on CNN, moderated by Wolf Blitzer, was viewed by 5.36 million total viewers. The University of North Florida in Jacksonville was watched by more people than the January 19th and November 22nd efforts for the lefties to create havoc for the GOP. The December 10 debate on ABC is still the highest viewed with 7.6 million. If you are keeping track this was the 19th GOP debate of this primary cycle which is getting a little long in the tooth. The only good coming from it is that it is making mitt Romney more battle ready. A concern is that when Romney is pressed in a debate he is not fast on his feet with his scripted answers and we hope this training will make him a formable opponent for President Obama. The end of the day no matter whom it is we are worried about the independents given the GOP another chance at the big chair. We wonder why CNN has televised six of these debates so far the most of any of the nets. Fox you would expect has done four will CBS has only done one. CBS does not need to stop any of their programming as people watch their shows as opposed to NBC who did the January 23rd debate and had 7.1 million people watch which is more than watch anything on that network that is not a football game.

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