What is an endorsement from womanizer equal

We wrote a post a while back about getting an endorsement you really do not want. This has come up again in the Gingrich camp. Based on where he stands we suppose anyone who says they are on your side is good. We do not think an endorsement form Herman Cain is worth a news release and at this point it might have been better if he just stayed away. The reason Cain dropped out was he could not keep his hands to himself around ladies and it seems Newt has a wondering eye as well. Gingrich is committed to the race and it looks like it could be another disappointment on Tuesday when the big 99 delegates from the Florida primary do not end up in his basket. Newt Gingrich pledged once again to stay in the nominating race until the Republican convention in Tampa in August and still expects to win the nomination. Really there is one thing else he can say but we believe that after a loss in Florida and the mounting states he is not on the ballot it will seal his fate. The only reason to keep him in the race is so we do not have to watch Romney debate Paul. Santorum has been the walking dead and really the “none of the above” choice on the ballot.

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