President Obama wants to change Senate

In the classic case of saying it is my ball play my way or going home stepping to the front of the stage President Barack Obama. President Barack Obama wants to change the way the Senate does business. Claiming there is too much partisan gridlock. This is the only way he can propose and get the government reforms he asked for in the state of the union address. Things like the Senate to pass a rule that requires a yes-or-no vote for judicial and public service nominations after 90 days. The problem with all of this is his party and he own the senate. They have the majority and should be able to pass anything they want. This means he has had control of three branches of government his first two years and at least two for three years. We still hear him complaining he cannot get anything done with congress. What more can he ask for we dare say President Bush accomplished more with Nancy Pelosi running the House and Harry Reid running the senate than when the leader from the same party is in control. The wish list also includes Congress to pass legislation to ban insider trading and to prohibit people who “bundle” campaign contributions from other donors for members of Congress from lobbying Congress. New alert to leader of the free world you are in charge of the senate and your guy Vice President Joe Biden holds the tie breaker. Maybe if they do not move on your ideas because they are just bad ideas and you do not know what you are talking about.

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