New Network of News for Disney and Univision

The move to change the landscape in news has changed over the years. The road has not been paved with success. The internet and cable has created news alacarte so if you want right just watch right if you want left just watch left. We heard a story that the Walt Disney Company may join Univision, the dominant Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States, in starting an English-language cable news channel. It could be pretty strong as it will combine the resources of Disney’s ABC News and Univision’s news division to rival established news entities like Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN. It would be aimed at English-speaking Hispanics in the United States, whose numbers are growing. The best part is this would go head to head with CNN who really cannot take any more competition. We think if you follow the money this is a way for ABC news to use the cable subscription business to offset the cost of a costly newsroom in a public station. This is not a new idea over at the alphabet network as some may remember a partnership with Bloomberg TV. The way this works is Disney brings the hammer of ESPN, Disney to the table and getting a deal as a package is very attractive as opposed to new start up trying to gain carriage from cable and satellite distributors that are reluctant to add more channels.

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