Logo Design Ideas

When it is time to change the look of your business a place that gets over looked for a fresh start for your business is the logo. It should be something you think about and look for professional guidance. We worked with a vendor that took a different approach. They put out an offer their employees to come up with designs on their own. They promised the winner a decent prize to make sure there was buy in. When the PR department received all these ideas back they were mulled over internally but then they looked to outside expertise. The idea was to contact a couple of local companies, places like Logo Design Company and get their input as well. The best part was in the end they went with an employee submitted design. Not in entirety as was a mix of going with the idea and sketch from the employee who understands the business and then having a professional give it some sparkle and pazazz to make it stand out. They were very happy with new look in the end and employee morale was gained as they felt not only empowered by the process but enriched that one of their piers ideas was actually chosen.


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