Bedroom sets next to replace

The biggest problem a homeowner faces is what to replace and when. We had hoped to move into the new house and replace all the bedroom sets. This is a lofty goal as it is a five bedroom house. The truth is we really only need to replace three of them. The other two one will be a long awaited office and the other a guest room. As you can imagine getting everyone on the same page from the same store is tough. This would be great because we could qualify for one financing package. It would be even better if we could go to a discounter but that is not going to be the case. We have had some sticker shock over the prices of the things we like for ourselves never mind the other rooms where we are going to have little in the way of say, and all of the big expense as with everything. We are due we have not upgraded the bedroom sets in over a decade. One of the bedroom is comprised of hand me downs when we were starting out. We are hopeful that once we do make this purchase it is the last one we have to make, but there was time. We bought a Disney princess bed and after two week it was no longer liked as a school mate was sleeping in a bunk bed that was a house. This time it has to stick and that is why everyone is involved in the purchase for better or worse.

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